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Aerated Concrete & Autoclave Aerated Concrete (AAC)

AAC stands for Autoclave Aerated Concrete, one type of light weight or Aerated Concrete used in construction

Just two people working with these light weight naturally insulated Aerated Concrete blocks can build a two-story energy efficient residential structure. These two alone built such a house in Northeast Houston.
ECO has engineered projects with all four types of light weight Aerated Concrete, including a locally made Dry Stack block system originating from Australia.
Our first AAC project became the first US Green Building Council LEED Platinum Residence In Austin.

The below image is our most recent AAC design, a small 2-story bungalo, under construction in Conroe north of Houston (7-13-2011).  We call it "The AAC Alamo"

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)
ICFs are the most popular insulated masonry building systems. They are manufactured by many companies using 2 or 3 ICF system types. ECO has engineered projects using all ICF types.

Structural Concrete Insulated Panels (SCIP)

On paper, SCIP is the perfect building system, but it offers some application challenges to the inexperienced designer or builder. We have designed about a dozen SCIP projects. Our Our first SCIP project was a low income one-story ranch home built in 2003 in Laporte Texas. It was where everyone in the neighborhood went during Huricanne Ike. We have worked with almost all of the SCIP panel OEMs. All use the same structural composite sandwich concept, but each has different capabilities and different levels of field support services.
The above Covintec panel from Mexico applied panel for all walls and for the roof.
The above SCIP project was a contemporary owner-built self venting home in Hitchcock, Texas. It also went through Ike unscathed. It used a metal sandwich roof panel.

Below is another SCIP house engineered by ECO in a high wind area which has a wood framed roof.

Our latest central Houston SCIP project is larger two-story contemporary Passive Energy Home.

It has an isolated thermal mass foundation and a very large garden roof. It uses panels for walls and for sloped roofs and for garden deck roofs. It also has a second thermally isolated slab poured over the structural foundation. It is now structurally complete and is in the finishing stage. It was completed in late 2011.
The large garden roof will have tray based planters, The parapet was designed with a dual level scupper system,
Concrete structures often have a unique architectural look and feel.

If you've read this far you're serious about a concrete home. Properly executed, the results can be fabulous!

Experience Counts More with Concrete Systems!
ECO may have more project AAC and SCIP experience than any other area engineering firm. Experience is very important in both the design and the application of concrete systems. Concrete is unlike wood framing where corrections or changes during construction are fairly easy. Even if you have already selected your structural engineer, your project would financially benefit from hiring ECO as a low cost 3rd party consultant. Our experience over many projects has taught us that minor design detail adjustments, field application sequencing, or application method adjustments can save significant costs through avoided delays, overages, or rework with concrete systems. We can work closely with your designer, engineer, and builder to help you get the great, uncompromising, high performance concrete home results you deserve.

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