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Eco-Holdings Engineering (F-7395)

Civil & Structural Engineering with Revit 3D Design

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We do a good job on this...

Every Project Has a Limited Budget:
Owner, builders and remodelers must seek the lowest cost in everything, including engineering. 
We believe we can provide the lowest cost and we are open to talk about costs at any time.
For a firm price, send your project's preliminary plans so we can review them, and then call us.

For Homeowners:
Homeowners and Do-It-Yourselfers (like me!) occasionally need 'small engineering' for simpler projects.
We are happy to try to help.
Here typical 'Budget engineering' requests we take care of (starting at $150):

Typical 'Budget Engineering" requests -
- We just need a beam sized...
...We want to add a pool near our slab
Our remodeling project was 'red tagged'
- The city says we need a structural engineer ...
...We need help finishing our plans for permit
The city says we need stamped plans to get a permit
- We want to remove the kitchen-living room wall...
We just need a stamp on our XXX's  YYY  plans...
       XXX  =  designer, architect, uncle, brother-on-law engineer, cousin-architect, etc.
       YYY  =  shed, kitchen, garage, loft, living room, bedroom, attic conversion, etc.

Value Engineering
We do this better than anyone...
Typical 'Value Engineering" requests -

- We want a 3D model of our plans so we can view it from anywhere
- We have questions about how to build a really low energy home
- We need to develop a 1 to 10 acre L.I.D. commercial site
- We want to reduce the cost of our green office design
- We want to reduce the sf cost of our dream home
- We're thinking about building a LEED office
- We want to build a 'net zero' home
- We want to build an AAC home
- We want to build a SIP office
- We want a low energy home
- We want green design help
- We want a smarter home
- We want to add solar

To start just call 713-377-4209

Gary Beck, P.E., SECB, LEED AP

Owner of Eco-Holdings, Texas Engineering Firm F-7395

2009 Mayor's Houston Proud Partner Award Winner

    For engineering services for Houston's Project Hope and ''

2008 ASCE Conference 'Best-In-Session' Award Winner

     "Alternate Building Systems - Lessons Learned from 20 Green Homes"