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We do the basic stuff,...excellently
For customers who say...
- We need our plans re-drawn for permit
- We need our plans reviewed and stamped

- We need an Architect recommendation

- We want a 3D model of our plans

- We have questions on green building

- We want a Net Zero Energy home


This is a Revit based 3D model rendering of a new one-level home planned for a 100 year flood plain. We worked closely with the designer to create a comprehensive 3D model that includes his architectural elements.
Both the residence and the site were fully 3D modeled together, allowing us to both meet and show the site's storm water mitigation and drainage requirements and elements that were defined by our civil engineering calculations. The dwelling model also includes all framing and foundation elements as defined by our structural engineering calculations. 

But is your project far from basic?  We have all the 'future' design experience you'll ever need
We have direct project experience with both 'traditional' and with 'future' methods of wood, steel, and concrete construction. On energy we have direct project experience with solar PV, solar HW, wind generators, and combined heat and power systems. We also do our best to keep up with even newer trends in alternate building methods and on-site energy systems, but we always do this after adding a good dose of construction experience practicality. 
Award Winning Green Building consulting ....Alternate Building System Consulting .... SIP Homes,... Concrete Homes,... Advanced Wood Framing,...Net-Zero design .... Fast 3D modeling ...
Sun studies ... Solar Array & Wind Design ... Site Modeling

Call me to talk about your next project, or click on the above links to explore on you own.

Gary Beck, P.E., SECB, LEED AP

Office: 713-377-4209 Cell: 713-530-1950 

We are a small firm, with fast, accurate, cost effective engineering.

Now in our 10th year of site civil development and structural services

a Houston Proud Partner Award Winner and Owner of

Eco-Holdings, Texas Engineering Firm F-7395