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Eco-Holdings Engineering (F-7395)

Civil & Structural Engineering with Revit 3D Design

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We can help with flooded home issues

Eco-Holdings is a civil and structural engineering firm that understands flood and wind storm issues.

We know flood mitigation, low energy design, aging-in-place, solar arrays, and green building.

We can also explain how to save 1/3 to 1/2 when building a new home.

Does this story sound familiar?

·         You live in a home in the 100 year flood level in a great central neighborhood.

·         Your HCAD property value is $350 to 650K, but most of that value is in the land.

·         Your house has recently flooded (or has a chance it may flood in the future).


The ‘Catch 22’ of Flood Repair

·         FEMA says that in a 100-year flood plain, you can only spend 50% of the house’s appraisal value.

·         If your house is appraisal at $100K, you can only spend $50K.

·         Once you spend $50K in flood repairs, your house may flood (again) next year.


The ‘Catch 22’ of New Home Building

·         Your home and land is valuable, but new homes nearby sell for huge amounts.

·         Builders want to charge $150 to $250/sf. A $500K mortgage = a 2000 to 3300 sf home.

·         If you do spend $500K, your new 3300 sf home will be the neighborhood's smallest home!


The 'Build-On-Your-Lot' Option

‘Build-On-Your-Lot” is a process managed by you and a team of construction professionals. 

Because $150 to $250/sf is profitable, many Builders have 'Build-On-Your-Lot' divisions.


'Green-On-Your-Lot' - a better option? (Click Here)


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Example of an Elevated "Crawl Space" 2500 sf Contemporary Home Designed for Flood Zones