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Green-On-Your-Lot Option

The City of Houston estimates the cost of new construction for residential buildings at $84.11 per square feet of covered area and $32.19 for residential accessory buildings.


While this is the lowest valuation to determine permit fees etc., it provides a starting basis to understand costs. You can verify this online or by country billboards that offer new home construction for $89/sf.


Some Custom Builder's charge $150 to $250 per sf (and earn it!). If an owner becomes an ‘Owner-Builder’, they take on all the Builder's management tasks, but may save $66 to $166 per square foot (for a 3300 sf homes this is $218K to $548K!).



We are not saying you’ll save $218,000 to $548,000

That's because you are not a builder. You will invest significant time and will have additional construction management expenses. One route is to hire and pay an ‘Owner-Builder’ company (we know of 3) to provide contractor guidance. The other approach is to hire a qualified ‘small’ builder (locally, we know of 6) to manage and coordinate your new home design and construction.

As an 'Owner-Builder' you could save 1/2 to 1/3 (For 3300 sf this could be a saving between $109K to $182K). How can you learn more?   Contact us for a free 1/2 online consultation. We'll provide detailed 'Green-On-Your-Lot' starting guidance with the hope that in the end you decide to continue with ECO on your team as a design consultant and/or civil/structural engineer.





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