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Eco-Holdings Engineering (F-7395)

Civil & Structural Engineering with Revit 3D Design

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ECO's structural inspection services are provided for complete structures or for specific portions of a structure that may have a problem.  

Inspections are performed by an engineer or by a trained, supervised, and managed inspection assistant. All inspection services are completed and reviewed by our professional engineer.

Our fee for a residential inspection report starts from $300 depending on the location, size, and complexity. Commercial fees vary by project size, requirements, and location.

If you only need guidance from an experienced engineer, a visit, inspection, and discussion may be all that you need. In this case, without adding the time to write review and stamp a report, the fee will naturally be less (~$150). 



On 9/2/2102 at 7:30 am this helicopter lifted off attached to a new 1 Ton rooftop HVAC unit. It gently placed this unit on a central roof area of the Katy Mills Mall not accessible by a normal crane.


Eco-Holdings Engineering of Houston provided the engineering services for this commercial renovation project. We support Texas located projects with the required services to allow the upgrade, replacement, and renovation of rooftop located industrial and commercial HVAC units.


Our work in this area can include both structural frame and roofing inspection services, as well as forensic inspections and reports. We also design replacement rooftop curbs, roofing overlay systems, and roof structural renovation additions.




For assessment of framing damage on entire structures or on a specific portion of a structure  
  • Roof and wall structure wind damage assessment
  • Ceiling, floor, and wall structures flowing storm surge water damage assessment
  • Code matching area repair solutions when applicable


Forensic Structural Inspections of existing building or other structures are used to identify structural damage or to help resolve a structural performance issue.

For instance an owner with a foundation problem may want an independent professional opinion in the form of an engineer stamped report when deciding on if to repair a foundation, or on what type of foundation repair should be done.  

Or the problem may be an upper floor area that has an excessive sag, bounce, or shaking movement. 

An engineer stamped certification statement may be required for insurance purposes before repair construction or renovation can proceed.






For existing foundations or for new construction foundations 

  • Slab-on-grade, crawl space, elevated pilings
  • Digital elevation survey, perimeter beam check
  • Drainage and landscape impact evaluation
  • Investigation of piling or pier damage  
    Prepour inspections with certification reports
  • Post Tension cable elongation certifications
  • T.D.I. wind storm program inspections
  • Piling installation verification and certification
  • Bell-pier prepour verification and certification 



For existing framed structures or for new structures during frame construction

  • Wood, steel, concrete, SIP, AAC, ICF
  • Forensic investigation of cracks, drops, sags, leans, or apparent movement
  • Investigation of missing or overloaded beams, or failed or overloaded floor trusses
  • Review of renovation options such for identifiying or removing load bearing wall sections
  • Conversion solutions such as second floor additions or turning attics to conditioned space.
  • For improvements to apartment stairways, balconies, railings, and landings
  • Review of joist or rafter over-notching construction damage, structural evaluation and repair solutions
  • T.D.I. wind storm insurance program inspection



There are more exotic and more expensive concrete testing lab methods (cylinder break test etc.), but the "Swiss Hammer" impact method is a simple field method to estimate cured concrete strength.

This tool quickly helps to determine and quantify problems in new or old concrete.

The cost of this first step type of inspection and report starts at about $150.


Inspection of private or business owned bridge and bulkhead structures

Concrete, steel and wood bridges, crossways, stairways, balconies, and landings

Inspections based on national and state practices (NBIS, BITM-90, TXDOT)