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Eco-Holdings Engineering (F-7395)

Civil & Structural Engineering with Revit 3D Design

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This page explains help available for project owners who need stamped blue prints.
Plan services may be needed for any of the following reasons:

[] You need a CAD redraw of your construction sketches to be accepted by a permit office.

[] You started a project with sketches and would like to see a 3D model of it to finish your design concept.

[] You have a house plan that you really like, but you need it altered to fit your needs.

[] You have small kitchen renovation, patio addition, interior wall removal, or garage conversion and you need will plans to either get a permit or to make construction easier.

[] You have new steel component that you want fabricated from accurate plans & details. 


Plan Types

The plan types we can provide can vary greatly based on your needs.
[] Architectural Plans  normally come from an architect or home designer. If you are starting from scratch and do not have an architect or a home designer, depending on your project size, scope, preferences (green?, super energy efficient?, etc.) and your budget, we can recommend several companies.

We also have several completed plans that may be able to be applied within your budget and on your site. This part all depends on your personal preferences and on your budget.
[] Structural plans can be foundation plans, framing plans, roof plans, elevation plans, section plans, and construction details. Or they might be a steel fabrication drawing defining bolts or welding types and sizes.
For each plan type the project can vary greatly. For instance depending on your project needs, foundation plans can include piling plans, crawl space foundations, stiffened slab-on-fill, structural slab on deep piers. Any of these types can be applied to small garage foundation, a house foundation, or a very big foundation like the following. (PS: Most of our projects are much smaller than this project!)

[] Civil plans can include excavating and grading plans, drainage plans, or plans for a specific item like a detention pond or a retaining wall. (PS: Most of our projects are much smaller than this project!)

The above covers our typical construction '2D' project plans types. But if needed,we can also take these plans from 2D into 3D, or we can created 3D plans for Structures or for Building MEP Systems from scratch. it all just depends on what your project needs are.