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Shelter-In-Place and Safe Room Design Consulting 
Whether it is an overwhelming storm, a new strain of H1N1 flue, a man made act against a population center, or a home invasion, uncertainty is the new certainty.
Hurricane's Katrina created 1.2 million refugees. Rita shut down most of the Texas highway system. What's next? We can wait for a panic evacuation, or we can address uncertainty with 'shelter-in-place' planning.
The availability of energy is a key to a successful civilization.  It also remains a key to a successful shelter-in-place dwelling design.
Safe Room
A safe room or panic room is a fortified room installed in a residence to provide a safe shelter in the event of a break-in, hurricane, or other threat.   ECO structurally designs residential safe-rooms in closet, pantry, or bathroom spaces using normal construction materials and techniques, plus special accessories like 'Devil-Door' framing plates.
A basic Safe Room will use an exterior-grade solid-core door framed and installed to resist battering. Walls and ceilings are reinforced. Walls and doors may be further reinforced with steel or other materials. Safe rooms can have independent ventilation systems and a separate means of communication.
Safe Room within Shelter-In-Place
ECO can provide a Safe Room within customized Shelter-In-Place consulting with permit ready blue prints for residential and commercial projects.  


Electrical Power for Shelter-In-Place



S-I-P Appliances               Wattage

Ceiling Fan                     120

Table Fan                       150

Freezer (stand-alone)           600

Lights CF                        25

Laptop                           25

Television 20“ LCD               65

Subtotal                        920 Watts




Intermittent Appliance      Wattage

Toaster oven                   1225

Whole house fan                 500

Microwave oven                  925

Window Air conditioner         1000 

(~5000 BTU/1000 Watts (Frigidaire FAA067P7A ,  GE ASM05LK, or equal)


Generator                 2500 to 5000 Watts(Craftsman 30250 - 2500 Watts; or a Briggs & Stratton EM7 - 5000 Watts)


Electrical Power for Shelter-In-Place


A 3000 Watt Solar PhotoVoltaic Array can provide 3,976 kWh/year at a net cost $16,800. But solar PV only works in peak daylight hours, so plan to add a generator such as a Craftsman 30250  (2,500 Watts) or a Briggs&Stratton EM7  (5000 Watts).
For whole home or for small commercial facility standy power a larger natural gas power generator like a Generac QT03624ANAX NG fueled 36 kW (36,000 Watts) may be a good solution. 

Remember that all generators must be located outside and away from windows, vents, basements or crawl space area to avoid fumes or exhaust.


A good facility or small community on-site power choice is a Capstone 65 kW NG fueled microturbine generator which provides clean emissions continuous power for critical service facilities.

Shelter-In-Place Imminent Event Planning 


Plan & Store Supplies for a 3 Day Shelter-In-Place

* 3-day supply of water/person

* 1 gallon of water/person/day

* Food,3-day supply of non-perishable food.

* Infant formula/Pet food

* Battery-powered radio w/NOAA Weather alert

* Auto 12V DC to 110volt AC Inverter

* Ryobi ‘One+’ 18V tool set with four(4) Li-Ion batteries & charger

* (2) Ryobi ‘One+’ portable fans

* Ryobi ‘One+’ Flashlight & Radio

* First aid Whistle, Digital Camera

* Dust mask, (6) pairs of work gloves

* Moist towelettes & garbage bags

* Wrench /pliers to turn off utilities

* Can opener for food

* 1 LED Flashlight per person

* Local paper maps


Consider Planning for Longer Term Shelter-In-Place

* Prescription medications/glasses

* Important family documents

* Insurance policies

* Identification / bank account records

* Cash or traveler’s checks

* Sleeping bag or blankets

* Long sleeved shirt/pants and sturdy shoes. Fire Extinguisher/Matches

* Flare Gun, Laser Pointer, 410 Gage Shotgun 

* Mess kit/paper cups/plates/utensils

* Paper towels, Pen & Pencil, Digital Camera

* Games, card, puzzles, gameboy, etc.

* Chlorine bleach and medicine dropper (1 to 9 as disinfectant/ 16 drops per gallon for emergency drinking)


Our above lists incorporate items from and is provided as one possible S-I-P design and planning example. ECO can provide comprehensive customized shelter-in-place and/or safe-room designs with permit ready construction documentation for any residential or commercial project.