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Civil & Structural Engineering with Revit 3D Design

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Looking for the official T.D.I. Wind Storm Insurance Website? You are very close...

The Texas Department of Insurance Wind Storm website is here -->


Here is a direct link to all of the T.D.I. Tested/Evaluated products required for a T.D.I. wind zone site: 

Here are direct links to some of the major T.D.I. Tested/Evaluated products you will need to build with: 

For your project, consider using our T.D.I. Windstorm Program Services
Gary Beck (P.E., SECB) is on the 'New' T.D.I. Windstorm program engineer's list (effective 1/1/2013), on the Texas Board of Professional Engineers Current Windstorm Roster, and has been a T.D.I. Windstorm engineer nearly since the start.
In the past 10 years ECO has designed, inspected, and managed hundreds high wind projects. Of these more than 40 have been in T.D.I zones. Each T.D.I. construction, addition, renovation, or repair project received the project's WPI-8 certificate.
Hurricane Ike Experiences

Four ECO designed and inspected projects went directly through Hurricane Ike (9/1/2008) without wind damage. This included a Seaward zone project on Galveston went through Hurricane Ike without structural wind damage. This piling foundation project was also a Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) framed residence.(-->)
For this structure, Hurricane Ike's storm surge carried debris from the 100' long waterside wood dock on the bay side directly through this elevated SIP house's pilings supporting this house. There was some damage to the blowout designed walls from the dock debris, but no damage wind or storm surge damage to the elevated structure above.
The other three T.D.I windstorm zone insurance program designed projects that went through Hurricane Ike without damage included a Structural Insulated Panel ('SIP') framed Medical Clinic in Anahuac, Texas, a structural concrete insulated wall panel ('SCIP') La Porte, Texas, another SCIP residence in Hitchcock, Texas.
Although ECO is experienced with several alternate building methods, the majority of our T.D.I. project are traditonal but highly engineered wood frame construction structures. Many of these project were constructed on structural piling foundations.
ECO does all coastal projects in Autodesk Revit Structure (3D), which we believe provides the opportuntiy for a better  structure. Revit also allows accurate modeling. This boathouse include tidal modeling.  
Commercial Example -  Seabrook Sailing Club

ECO also supports commercial projects in the coastal high wind zones.
One example is the Seabrook Sailing Club. Another is the above mentioned clinic in Anahuac.

Finally, like many fellow coastal project engineers, Gary Beck extensively toured the post-Ike damaged coastal areas, and took very good notes...