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Eco-Holdings Engineering (F-7395)

Consulting, Engineering, and Sustainable Design Services

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 For customers who say...

 - We have architectural plans to review

 - Our remodeling plans need engineering 
 - We are planning a new office-warehouse

 - We want to remove a load bearing wall

 - We are putting solar panels on our roof

 - We need an engineer's inspection

For customers who say...
- We are building a house in a flood zone
- We are developing 10 acre building site
- We are renovating in a flood zone
- We may need a detention swale or pond
- We need a church parking lot designed
- We want a Low Impact Design (L.I.D)
For customers who say...
- We need our plans re-drawn for permit
- We need our plans reviewed and stamped

- We need an Architect recommendation

- We want a 3D model of our plans

- We have questions on green building

- We want a Net Zero Energy home

Welcome to Eco's website,

I hope I can help you with engineering services for your project, whether for a home or business.
I am ready to provide an inspection, design, or a professional opinion that fits your budget.
Since 1981, my job as a Texas Professional Engineer has been to gain knowledge and experience.
Since 2003, my goal has been to earn ECO the reputation as the top Texas 'green' engineering firm.
Call 713-377-4209 now or email us later so we can begin talking about your design and inspection needs.
Thanks for visiting! Gary Beck, P.E., SECB, LEED AP, T.D.I. Windstorm Program Engineer



Here is a little more about what we do...

Construction Design Services: Our CAD design team provides cost effective detailed civil / drainage and structural / wind storm solutions for your designs. This includes drainage planning, foundation design, and framing design in steel, wood, and concrete.

Green Building Consultant: We support owners, architects, and designers with project design and construction experience in all areas of green building. This includes all the plans and details required to permit low impact site development, low energy building methods, shelter-in-place, safe-rooms, storm water mitigation/drainage, rain water harvesting, and on-site energy systems like solar arrays and wind power.

Forensic Inspection Services:  We inspect to help determine the likely causes of a structural or drainage problem.  We can provide advice on when to repair a foundation, but also and when not to repair a foundation.

Repair Design Consultant:  We work to provide clear solutions for improving a foundation, frame, or drainage problem.


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